Why Car Donations Change Lives


Reputable charities can assist the needy in a number of ways. They can help with food for the hungry, medical care for the sick, and help with paying heating costs during the winter. While charities will never turn down money, if money is in short supply, a car donation may be a way to help out a favored charity.

Make Sure Your Money Is Going Where You Want It

Sadly, many car donation services keep a lot of the money they make for selling cars. It is important to check out the particular donation group to figure out how much money they take out for “processing”. Check out a site like Bankrate.com for more information.

If a charity seems legitimate, decide whether a charity that deals only with a specific type of assistance, such as a charity that solely helps veterans, hungry children, etc.

When You Want A Specific Charity

Some worthy car donation charities actually let the donator choose a specific charity. Before donating the car to one of these organizations, just make sure the charity is an IRS-approved organization. To determine this, a visit to the IRS website will show authorized charities.

How Donation Helps

Once a desired charity has been selected and a car has been donated, the process begins. Once the organization has sold the car and given the money to the charity, know that help is on the way for those who need it. Charities can help save the lives of those who would otherwise starve, provide Christmas gifts to children who would ordinarily get nothing, or give prosthetic appendages to veterans.

The improvement in the lives of those helped cannot be overstated. Charities can literally turn around the fortunes of those in need. Instead of being trapped in a life that is going nowhere, charities that help with job training can help someone become gainfully employed. The homeless can get off the streets and into stable housing. The difference in circumstances alter the world for the better due to a simple act of charity.

Any Car Helps

Old cars that would end up in junkyards can be repaired and sold by charities that offer this service. Obviously, running cars that are in good condition will fetch a better price when sold, but even cars that might be considered worthless can still make an impact for the needy. As an example, the Special Olympics program has supported over 4 million athletes and provided over 80,000 competitions that give joy and enrich lives of both participants and volunteers.

Don’t sit back and wish somebody else would help the needy. Consider donating a car to a legitimate charity to help changes lives.