Ways for Staying “Green” While Moving


The days and weeks before moving day are hectic. It’s easy to let your eco-friendly habits fall by the wayside during this time. Luckily, it’s still possible to go green when you’re planning a move, whether you’re going to the other side of the neighborhood or the other side of the country.

1. If you’re purchasing new furniture instead of moving your old stuff, make a point to purchase eco-friendly furnishings and decor. Energy-efficient light fixtures, bamboo and organic cotton are great places to start. Also look for items that are made from recyclable materials.

2. Normal paint emits VOCs, which refers to volatile organic compounds. These VOCs are irritants that have a lot of negative side effects. Lower your risk by using eco-friendly paints that have low-odor and low-VOC.

3. The best opportunity to get rid of unnecessary items is while you’re packing for a move. Before you throw your old stuff in the trash, though, consider donating it. Everything from your clothing to your furniture can be donated, so long as they’re in decent condition.

4. Don’t spend a lot of money on packing materials. Instead, consider using some of the things you already have to pad your belongings. Clothing, blankets, towels and blankets can help protect your stuff without the need for bubble wrap. You can also reuse your old newspapers to keep your breakable items safe.

5. Don’t purchase cardboard boxes. If you can’t collect them over the few months before your move, check with your local moving companies to see if they have plastic bins made from recyclable materials. Some businesses even sell used cardboard boxes.

6. See if you can rent a moving truck that uses biodiesel fuel. This may cost you a bit extra upfront, but it’s the best option for the environment. If you’re moving far away, see if you can combine your items with someone else who’s moving to the same area. You can use one truck instead of two.

7. A big part of the moving process is cleaning. When you’re making your old place squeaky clean to ensure you get your security deposit back and when you’re wiping everything down in you knew place, use green cleaning products. Make them yourself or purchase them from a company that specializes in green products.

It’s important to evaluate the way you live, even when you’re in the middle of the moving process. Small changes can have a big impact on Earth. Even if you’re moving for the first time in a decade, it’s still worth it to be eco-conscious before, during and after the move.