The Digital Age: Yes, Business Cards Still Matter

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Just about everything in the business world is digital today, from sending mail to networking and even going to meetings. Business cards, however, are still very much tangible and offline. A lot of people assume that business cards aren’t worth ordering in today’s online, digital age. However, Entrepreneur and other industry experts feel that hard copy business cards do still matter. Read on to find out why.

1. Connecting digitally is impersonal. True networking is about making real connections. Yes, e-mailing contact information or sending a text is convenient, but it’s not personal. Eye contact and actual conversations are always better when it comes to business. Having a business card lets you exchange information without pulling out your phone.

2. A lot of people still expect you to have a business card. Professionals today have an overwhelming amount of incoming messages and limiting the number of digital messaging is always welcome. When you’re meeting someone in person, you may be expected to hand over a business card. Simply having them on you shows that you’re prepared.

3. You never know when you’re going to meet someone who could be a potential business contact. Whether you’re at a business mixer or waiting for your flight in an airport lounge, having your business card on you is the quickest, easiest way to make sure you can stay in touch with whoever you’re chatting to. When you have business cards, you never have to miss a professional connection. Not only should you have business cards printed up, but you should keep them on you wherever you go.

4. Business cards serve as your brand’s first impression. If you don’t have a lot of time to talk about your company, you can make a first impression with your business card. Great business cards have more than just contact information; they also have company branding. You can include your logo or tagline on your card, or simply convey your brand’s voice with the font, colors and card stock you use. Even something as basic as the shape of the card can say a lot of about you or your business.

5. It’s easier for people to pass along your business card than it is for them to send your phone number or e-mail address to their contacts. Don’t be afraid to give someone three business cards instead of one. The next time they’re chatting about your business, they’ll be able to do some marketing for you by passing along your card.

Contrary to popular belief, old school business cards are still important. Any professional should have a few in their pocket at all times.