Remodeling Your Landscape? Try Natural Stone


Natural stone is environmentally friendly and usually holds up for a long time under normal wear. It is a defining element of lawn and garden landscaping, but can also be a visual focus amid green or floral plantings.

Even one or two significant stones can create a garden scene in the simplest setting. Add a few plants and a couple of nice lawn chairs, and voila. It’s not rocket science, although a good eye helps. Inspiration is a big part of planning and executing garden plans.

Natural stone can be used as a border as well, and this can be achieved with various sizes of gravel. Most borders use one size of gravel for a uniform look, but variations on a theme never hurt anyone as far as we know. Gravel comes in little gray rocks, white, smooth rounded rocks and small to medium sized brown rocks. There are more shapes and color tones from which to choose, so it’s possible to be creative.

Patios are whatever you make them, especially with so many kinds of stone available. Flat, elevated, stepped and abstracted, a patio can be the jewel of the property. Gray, green, blue, red, brown, black and white stone exists to satisfy most color palettes. Combinations of colors can work, too, if done tastefully. Many patios have low-growing vegetation in between all of the stones which adds interest and greenery. This is a nice touch to a cottage garden, especially an English themed one.

Local stone, or as local as possible, may be a nod to buying local and staying organic. The shape of the stone is also notable. Round, oval, square, rectangular, irregular and jagged shapes are used in pleasing designs for patios, walks and outer retreats on the edge of the garden.

Stone walls of all sizes are interesting and draw the eye. Humans seem drawn to stone walls either to look at the what is on the other side or to follow them along a path. Even very low stone walls can demarcate planting areas from walkways and the rest of the lawn. Rounded rock walls dripping with hanging greenery is almost magnetic to the eye.

There are many decisions to make in using natural stone in landscaping, but that’s a plus. It’s not difficult to create a unique landscape with so many considerations. Color, size, shape and height being key. Which structures are going to be made of stone? Patios, walkways, walls and borders are frequently made of natural stone, but many focal points are also natural stone. Large outdoor grills and ovens are made of natural stone, and almost always produce “wows.” Planning is fun.