Personal Trainers: Virtual Trainers for In-Home Fitness

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How many excuses have you used for not exercising in the past? You don’t have time to get to the gym. You can’t afford to pay $100 per hour for a personal trainer. Perhaps you’ve even told yourself that exercise doesn’t work for you because you’re genetically predisposed to gain weight. All of these excuses can easily keep you on the couch with a candy bar in hand, but the personal training industry is ready to challenge your rationale.


As more and more people shy away from overcrowded gyms, virtual personal trainers are becoming more popular. Trainers are freed from harassing potential clients in gyms because the internet gives them direct access to millions of people from around the world with an interest in health and fitness. They can work with more people in less time, and they can often charge less because they aren’t paying the gym a portion of their fees.

Virtual Training Benefits

While some people need face-to-face interaction with a trainer in order to stay motivated, many others are too busy or too embarrassed for that type of personal training. Instead of watching the clock to make it to the gym because their trainer is waiting, they prefer to sign up for an online fitness website where they can watch prerecorded videos. Those who feel insecure walking into the gym due to their weight prefer the privacy of their living rooms.

Due to modern advances in technology, it’s now possible to work with a virtual trainer and still feel connected and supported on a personal level. Many trainers now accept text and social media messages from clients in need of immediate support, and they can connect with clients through video chat without waiting for the gym to open. Online message boards allow clients and trainers to share ideas and encourage one another. Many other programs allow clients to log into prerecorded videos and listen to inspirational messages whenever it fits into their schedule.


With all of these options, clients often receive far more personal support than they would receive from a local trainer. They also have more options because they aren’t limited to trainers working in their immediate area.

Overcoming Excuses

From “I don’t have time to workout” to “I can’t afford a gym membership,” online fitness training programs are eliminating excuses for millions of people. Even those who claim that working out is too boring have no excuses left with websites like DietBet and Beachbody On Demand surfacing. DietBet turns weight loss into a game, and many popular trainers like Chris Powell and Jillian Michaels have held virtual competitions.

Beachbody offers a variety of workout programs from popular trainers which stream directly into your home or mobile device. When you can switch your workout every day and even take your workout with you for a low monthly fee, what excuses do you have left?