How to Start a Laundromat Business

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Whether you have business skills or simply want to enjoy being your own boss, a laundromat is a good place to start. This is a business where you can work the hours you want without dealing with a lot of the stress that other businesses have to offer at times. You can hire someone to work for you, or you can keep the business to yourself as there isn’t really a lot to do except make sure the machines are clean and the items sold are stocked.

Existing Location
It would be best if you could buy a laundromat that is already established. All of the machines will be there, and customers will know where the business is located. There are a few things that you might want to do to update the business, such as getting new machines that are energy efficient or offering new products for sale. These could include laundry detergents and dryer sheets. If you have to start from the bottom up, it’s best to find a building that is in the center of town so that it’s easy for customers to see the service that you offer.

Money Matters
Try to see how much money laundromats in your area make on average. This can help you decide how much to charge to use each machine and how much of a cash reserve that you might need. Make the machines easy to operate. If you are the only one working, then you won’t have to pay employees, which will cut down on how much is spent each week. Find out how much the utility bills are each month, and budget for any emergencies that might arise, such as machines that need fixed or water leaks that need repaired.

The Atmosphere
Some people will make a day of doing the laundry. This means that they will sometimes bring the children when doing laundry. Instead of the boring laundromat with rows of washing machines and dryers, consider making the atmosphere pleasant for the family. Include a few video games, a pool table and an area for younger children to color or put puzzles together. This can be a way for parents to get more work done as the children will have something to do instead of watching clothes go around in a circle. Make sure the lighting is bright, and think about placing a television on the wall to keep adults entertained as well.