Horse Stall Mats: What Are Their Benefits?


Today, many barn owners are choosing to install horse stall mats in their barns. They can significantly increase the comfort enjoyed by your horses, and they make for great additions to nearly any barn. It doesn’t really matter how many horses you have.

Stall mats are great for someone who owns one horse and just as useful for someone who owns 30 horses. If you’re considering purchasing stall mats for your horses, then you’ll find there are several benefits to gain.

Benefits of Stall Mats for Your Horses

You can greatly reduce your barn chores by installing stall mats. The mats also decrease the cost of bedding that you must provide for your animals. It’s a fact that stall mats provide better insulation for horses. They can protect your animals from both extreme hot or cold temperatures.

The mats also make standing easier on the joints. Most stall mats have a subtle characteristic that makes life for your horse much more comfortable. It’s quite common for horses to rest or sleep on their stall floor, and if mats are installed, they’ll experience much less stress on their joints.

Since stall mats are natural insulating, they protect against harsh weather conditions. Mats are built in a way that enables them to pool urine, and they’re designed to allow bedding to soak up the urine, which makes for much easier removal of the entire mess.

However, some mats are designed to force urine to drain away. The type of mat that you purchase depends on the subsurface of your stall and how you want to handle urine removal.

A lot of stall mats can be purchased with a very smooth surface, so they’re far easier to clean than concrete or wood floors. Another benefit of mats is the additional footing they can provide to your horse. When concrete and wood floors get wet, they can become slippery for your horse.

A mat can give your horse a much better grip on the floor. Some promising research shows that mats can reduce the risk of your horse falling or stumbling.

One of the greatest benefits of stall mats is the cost. You’ll find that most mats are very affordable and provide significant value for the price. They’re also very easy to disinfect and scrub clean.

Choosing the Right Style

When looking for stall mats, you’ll have the option of buying permeable, porous, portable, interlocking and straight edge mats. Porous mats are great for natural urine drainage while permeable mats tend to soak up urine. Interlocking mats are easy to work with and look like puzzle pieces. It’s up to you to determine what type of mat is best for your horse.