Fun and Creative Pottery Painting Ideas


Pottery includes many types of ceramic material, including porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware. Pottery is also the art of a potter. This article examines the artistic side of pottery and explains various ideas that anyone interested in pottery can use. Pottery is an exciting hobby, but anyone who has ever dabbled in it will tell you that it is not easy to find creative pottery painting ideas. If you ever stumbled into a situation like that, then you should know that there are lots of creative pottery painting ideas that you have not tried yet. We have assembled the best of them in this article, so you could put your worries to rest and get back to creating the best pottery you can create.

1. Paint Pottery With Modern Themes

Though the word “pottery” often evokes images of ancient times and Greek heroes, pottery painting does not require you to use any of those themes. As a matter of fact, using modern themes, such as famous movie characters, can add a certain appeal to your pottery by differentiating it from old-fashioned pieces of pottery. Since most pottery artists are not using modern themes, you will definitely make lots of people surprised.

2. Take Advantage Of Stencils

With this technique, you start your pottery painting by creating design stencils. This technique is useful for people who are just starting out on their pottery hobby and have doubts about their painting skills. With a design stencil, you create a design that you want to see on the piece of pottery, then you paint inside that stencil.

3. Use Neutral Shades

This is an excellent technique for anyone who wants to preserve the original appearance of the pottery piece. With this awesome technique, you glaze your pottery piece with neutral shades. After the neutral shades have dried up, you paint on top of them. Therefore, the glossy finish of neutral shades acts simply as a transparent layer on the original surface of pottery piece. It allows you to see the original color of the pottery piece.

4. Go Freehand

Though some people like symmetry, nothing stimulates imagination as much as a freehand. It allows you to forget the conventions of pottery and instead rely on your instincts. This way you can create strikingly original works of art. If you are one of those people who always want symmetry in everything, then you can separate the surface of your pottery design in two equal halves. After the pottery piece is separated, paint the same design on both halves. This will give your pottery a symmetrical yet original design.

5. Start With White

The best way to get your creativity flowing is by painting the whole pot white. Then it will be easier for you to create designs because white canvas has been shown to be more stimulative to potter’s imagination.