Five Benefits of Getting Your Car Detailed


The term “detailing” is widely used in reference to cleaning and maintaining a car, though not everyone is clear on what is involved. When you get your car detailed, you are doing more than merely washing and waxing it. Detailing refers to cleaning a car’s interior and exterior in a detailed and thorough manner. A proper detailing does for the rest of your car what changing the oil and spark plugs does for the engine. The services offered by detailers may vary but all good detailing requires a considerable amount of skill, time and equipment. Consider the following ways in which having your car detailed can be beneficial:

1. It Increases Your Car’s Resale Value
One of the most immediate and important benefits of having your car detailed is the fact that it becomes more attractive. Cars that have been detailed instantly stand out from those that have not been thoroughly cleaned. How a car looks is one of the biggest factors in its value to potential buyers. A detailer will also use sealants and other products that help to protect the car from rust and paint damage. This protection will help to preserve its value long-term.

2. It Protects Your Interior
Over time, a car’s interior can take on bad odors and its surfaces (especially the dash panels) can crack or fade. Detailing can help to prevent this. Not only will protecting the interior help to maintain the car’s value, it will make it more comfortable to drive as well.

3. It Can Remove Allergens and Bacteria
If you spend a lot of time in your car, you may find that dust, trash and other particles can start to build up. The accumulation of debris and grime is especially likely if you smoke or eat in your car on a regular basis. In addition, your car’s air vents will also bring particles into the car. A car that has not been detailed can harbor lots of bacteria along with pollen and pet dander. Detailing can make your car more sanitary and remove any allergens that might irritate occupants.

4. It Can Lengthen the Lifespan of Your Wheels and Tires
During normal driving, your wheels will be exposed to a range of substances including oils and solvents. These chemicals can cause corrosion and cracking. Proper detailing will help to prevent these problems in addition to ensuring that they stay looking good.

5. It Makes Your Car Safer
Detailing ensures that your car’s doors and vital engine parts will be able to move smoothly and without obstruction. You will also have improved driving visibility. These factors can greatly enhance the safety of your vehicle.