Do What You Love: How to Lower Your Gun Hobby Costs


People of all ages, backgrounds and personalities enjoy the hobby of going to the range and firing their favorite firearms. Sadly, this sport can get very costly in a short amount of time. Here are a few things for gun enthusiasts to consider when trying to lower their gun hobby costs.

1. Range Costs

Some ranges charge for admission, while others are free. Although the cost of the range doesn’t come anywhere close to the cost of ammunition, especially if one doesn’t reload, it still adds up. Let’s say that each admission to the range cost $20. Even if one goes to the range only twice a week, they are looking at $80 going down the drain every month that could have went toward other gun accessories. One’s best bet is to stick to outdoor ranges that are free, or at least cheap.

2. Reload Ammo

Now a days, bullets can cost as much as five dollars per round. One who shoots frequently can be looking at hundreds of dollars in ammunition every month, easily. One who reloads, on the other hand, will spend only a tiny fraction of that, depending on how they reload. Those who simply cannot afford the initial investment of reloading can always downgrade to cheaper ammunition in the meantime.

3. Gun Tastes

As with everything else, whether it be cars, phones, or in this case, guns, one will always desire the best of the best. However, this is simply not a reality for those who are on a budge. Instead of getting the newest generation Glock pistol, get something a couple years older, or get a different brand pistol all together. If one really wants to go cheap, they can always look toward Hi-Point firearms, which are both extremely cheap and reliable. However, not every dirt cheap firearm will be reliable, so keep that in mind.

4. Switch to Smaller Caliber Guns When Shooting

Although having plenty of firepower, sound and kinetic energy is a blast when shooting, it isn’t really necessary. Shooting a 22lr can be just as fun as all the other big caliber guns out there. Obviously, smaller rounds are going to be far cheaper than larger counterparts due to less materials being needed for production.

5. Buy in Bulk

Whether buying factory ammunition or reloading supplies, it’s always cheaper to by in bulk. Instead of buying supplies for just the month, trying buying supplies for a few months or more. Rates will be a whole lot cheaper when buying in bulk, so one will get more bang for their buck.