Debunking 5 Pet Boarding Myths


It is not unusual for pet owners to forgo vacation simply because they do not want to put their pet in a boarding kennel. Unfortunately, kennels sometimes get a bad rap. These facilities are often safe and well-staffed, providing you with a viable option for your pet’s care. There are several myths surrounding pet boarding kennels that need to be debunked immediately.

1. My Pet Will Be Stuck In a Cage All Day

This is very rarely, if ever, the case. Your pet will be let out of its cage to play, exercise and socialize. Most boarding kennels have indoor or outdoor exercise yards where pets are permitted to jump, run and romp for a specific period of time.

2. My Pet Will Miss Me When I Am Gone

Of course your pet will miss you when you are gone. A normal, well-balanced pet will be able to handle being boarded just fine. Thousands of pets are boarded each day. If your pet does not already suffer from separation anxiety, it is unlikely that the condition will develop because you choose to take a vacation.

3. My Pet Will Be Exposed to Disease

This is simply untrue. Reputable pet boarding kennels require that their boarders be up to date on all vaccinations and veterinary care before they are permitted entry. Outbreaks of illness are not common in pet kennels. Most are extremely sanitary and have protocols in place should a pet become ill.

4. My Pet Will Not Get Its Medication

While it is true that not all boarding facilities welcome pets that are on medication, many do. If your pet is on regular medication, let the boarding facility staff know. They will tell you whether or not they are equipped to deal with your pet’s special needs. If they are not, keep looking until you find a kennel that is.

5. My Dog Will Get Into a Fight

Most kennels do not allow dogs from different families to intermingle. Kennels that do permit group play time often do so only after a dog has been temperament tested and the owner’s permission has been given. If you are nervous about your dog interacting with other dogs in your absence, speak up. If you do not want your dog socializing or playing with other animals, it is your choice to not allow it.

There is nothing that will take away all of the anxiety you feel about leaving your pet in a boarding kennel, but you should feel better knowing that not all of your fears are justified. When you research kennels properly and ask the right questions, you will find the perfect one for your pet. Whether it is in a veterinary clinic or a five-star pet resort, chances are your beloved animal will be just fine until you return.