Custom Wristbands for Your Event: Perfect Security Measure

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Whether you’re hosting a charity event or throwing a massive theme party for adults in your community, controlling the gate is one of your biggest concerns. Each person that makes it into your event without paying takes money out of your pocket, and it could make the difference between a profit and a loss. If uninvited guests find their way into the event, it could turn into a security risk or lead to interference of the event. If you want everything to run smoothly, you have to plan ahead to control all entrance and exit points.


One of the most affordable tools for efficient gate control is the customized wristband. They are made from plastic or Tyvek material and typically have easy-fasten clasps or adhesive strips which secure them to each of our guest’s wrists. The clasp wristbands made from durable materials are designed for multi-day use, but you can also purchase more affordable materials that your guests can cut off at the end of the event. Your choice of design and material should coordinate with the way you plan to use the wristbands for your event or business.


Wristbands vs. Hand Stamps


It is often cheaper to stamp each person’s hand as they walk through the entrance or to give hand stamps to those leaving an event with the intention of returning later. The problem is that hand stamps are easily washed off, and in some cases, guests can transfer the ink to other hands in order to give free admission deceptively. This is impossible with a waterproof wristband that guests must show in order to gain admission.


It’s also difficult to use hand stamps for multi-day events. You will have some guests claiming that they paid admission on day one but their stamps wore off. This leaves your gate staff in the position of arguing with guests or granting admission to some deceptive guests. You could keep an elaborate list of guests and ask everyone to check in each day, but it’s much faster and easier to give all guests a durable wristband customized for your event or business.


Marketing & Security In One Wristband


When you purchase wristbands made from durable materials, they aren’t limited to use at occasional events. You can use them in many creative ways to increase security and manage your guests more efficiently. For instance, you may allow loyal customers to purchase special wristbands that entitle them to a free drink or appetizer each time they wear it to your bar or restaurant. This encourages guests to wear the bands, promoting your business while encouraging repeat business.


When you see someone wearing a customized wristband, it shows that they belong to a specific group. They’ve paid for their tickets, earned their admission or are entitled to certain services. It’s a visible way to mark guests, and you can use different designs and colors to group guests in ways that benefit your event or business. Few resources will make controlling entrance and exit points easier than these functional bands.