Construction Safety: Regular Training Can Save Lives

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The time-consuming procedures and paperwork associated with safety training becomes a lot of hassle that many construction companies do their best to avoid. While the fruits of safety training fail to present themselves immediately, that does not mean that it does not work. After a while, it does pay off. For example, it keeps your workers safe. In fact, statistics show that this is the case and that you are not sacrificing as much time as you believe. The work site is dangerous, and you have to know about the lethal nature of the fatal four. They go in order:

  • Falls
  • Getting Crushed between Objects
  • Electrocutions
  • Being Struck by an Object

Statistics show that 36 percent of instances related to the Fatal Four involve falls on the construction site. Because construction workers use large equipment, and they will often work from rooftops, that is the reason for falls being number one on the Fatal Four list.

The infographic, however, fails to show the causes of these injuries. For example, OSHA conducted a study that detailed the factors, and how proper safety influenced the Fatal Four roster. In a study published by, the study discusses the issue of how safety reduces workplace injuries. It was titled, Does Safety Training Reduce Work Injury in the United States? The short answer? Yes.

When you reach page 12 of the study, it said that safety training will influence the number of injuries on the job. What injury did they find it reduced? The injury they found that it reduced the most was falls, which is in the top Fatal Four list. OSHA’S Injury and Illness Prevention Programs will actually save companies money because of the safety training. What were the results of this training? After just five years requiring safety training on the job site, construction companies found that the number of injury cases dropped by 19 percent in California. However, the most dramatic results were seen in Texas, where the injuries dropped by 63 percent.

When you examine the long-term benefits of safety training, you will see lower insurance liability and reduced costs related to training new employees because a different worker suffered an injury. In addition, you will increase the morale of employees because working in a dangerous environment will raise the stress levels.

As a result of implementing these safety training programs, experts believe that US firms will save around $23 billion every year. The safety training related to following OSHA procedures will save lives and increase the bottom line at your company. It not only becomes about prevention, it becomes a great investment in the future of your company.