5 Things to Look For in a Video Production Company


Finding the right video production company is crucial to making an impact in your target market. Even with good conceptualized content, poorly produced marketing videos cannot positively contribute to your brand presence. This begs an important yet commonly overlooked question – how do you look for a video production company?

The Basics

One cannot accurately select a video production company without knowing the basics of who they are, how they operate, and the expanse of their services. Essentially, video production companies produce video materials that are meant either for private or commercial projects. This ever-expanding market encompasses both large, well-funded production companies as well as smaller, family-owned type of businesses that have made noteworthy contributions to the video production space.

Their Recent Projects

Finding out the company’s most recent exploits can give you an idea of what they can do for you specifically. While some video production companies don’t always showcase their most recent projects on their website due to the fact that regularly updating it tends to be time-consuming, many legit video production companies will happily provide one or more samples in their website.

Their Work Ethic

This is something you can only observe firsthand. However, their own marketing materials can provide an overview of what they stand for and what they prioritize as professionals. There are multiple aspects to creating marketing-quality videos, such as production and script development, the hardware and software equipment used, lighting effects and shot frames, and audio effects. A company who mentions these factors when making their pitch is worth taking to the final rounds of your contractor-hunting process.

Their Quotes

Cost is of course a key factor when looking for any type of service provider even for those with deep pockets. Requesting several estimates is the only way to guarantee that you are getting a fair rate for a project of that scale. It does require time and focus as you go through the bidding process, but is well worth it from a quality and cost-efficiency standpoint.

Their Specialty

Video production companies can excel in some niche spaces but crumble in other markets they are inexperienced in. Since different brands carry with it different target consumers and overall market conditions, it pays to choose a production company that specializes in your space. Contact your prospected production company and see if they have any fresh and creative ideas to contribute for your marketing video. If it looks bland and unoriginal, they probably aren’t the go-to experts in your particular space.

Being an open market, video production companies can come in all sorts and sizes, many of which can do more harm than good. By incorporating these 5 things in your criteria, you can filter out any unwanted options and save yourself a ton of time, money, and headache.