The Best Brain Training Programs to Check Out


For you to have improved behaviors, sharpened attention and the ability to control your emotions, there are many training training programs available for you to choose and dedicate yourself to better brain performance. These programs can be used by both adults and children with AHDH.


Research in brain training has yet more time to grow further, but studies suggest that some form of brain training has a positive effect on the ability of a child to control his emotions, behavior and learning. There is no yet known fact on how the brain training programs work to achieve this but there is more study to be done in this field. Parents can choose these programs and test whether they suit their children. For more information visit Wikipedia pages.


Play Attention

This is a great learning system that uses a high technology ambard in reading brain signals that indicate concentration or focus. The brain will emit a signal of attention when you are paying attention or engaged. The ambard will monitor these types of signals in the body and relay them to the computer wirelessly. This means the mind will become the mouse when playing the video game and complete the exercise. These games help you improve focus, develop memory skills, ignore distractions and finish tasks.



This is the version that can be used at home for neuro therapy and Interactive Metronome programs used by numerous doctors and therapists. It is a cognitive trainer that is computer based along with head set and hand gear. Kids will clap in a rhythm with different animated worlds. They will participate in twenty minutes session’s clapping hands, listening to beats and receive measurable instants through scores. Research shows that when the children keep neurotiming ‘a precise beat’ they will improve on memory, language skills, and focus.


C8 Sciences


This was developed at Yale University by scientists. It is a program, designed for children with ADHD, executive function disorder, autism, as well as other cognitive deficits. It is a home use program made of a mobile device and a computer to combine cognitive game functions with a solid thirty minutes program three times a week. It enhances memory skills, attention, and boost the cognitive skills in a child. Visit CNN News pages.

Fit Brains


It is a Rosetta stone software that targets six brain areas to improve on problem solving and concentration. It is available as an iOS and Android mobile application with 40 games for brain training. They promote skills like processing speed, visual-spatial recognition and memory.


Mind Sparke


This is a set of video games that were developed and designed to improve academic performance, test taking, and the overall IQ. Their products are available in numerous varieties that can improve impulse control. It is a useful tool for academic performance improvement and improves studying for the high stake tests. Playing games and doing meditation has tremendous mental gains according to Mind Sparke. This tool also improves on memory and focus for extended periods of time.