Commercial Van Shelving: 5 Major Benefits to Obtain


When you arrive at a job site, you are in essence bringing your entire business to your client’s doorstep. This is why, as a professional tradesman, your van is essential to your success. An organized work van is even more crucial. Here are five reasons adding shelves to your commercial van is a must do for the coming year.

Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying, “Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.” Adding shelves to your mobile shop automatically increases your productivity because all your tools, parts, and paperwork will stay in an organized space, even while you’re moving. Instead of spending time looking for a certain tool, you’ll be finishing the job and moving on to the next.

Like it or not, your clients form opinions about your abilities based on the way that you present yourself. Showing up to a job site with a disorganized van has the same effect on your future as showing up to a job interview in a dirty, ripped t-shirt. Upfitting your work van with shelves tells your clients that you are disciplined and capable of handling the work they hired you to do. Once they form that opinion, it is easier for them to tell their friends and family about what a great job you did. As word spreads about your professionalism, you’ll be building your brand in a positive way.

Having your work gear loose in the back of the van poses a serious safety hazard. Every time you brake, that gear slides forward. If you don’t have a partition in your van, it may even slide under the brake pedal or lodge itself under your foot at a critical moment, resulting in a crash. Depending on the type of equipment and tools you haul, loose gear could result in serious injury to you or your partner, even if no accident is involved. Commercial van shelving will eliminate the safety risks associated with unsecured gear.

Inventory Management
When you show up at a home or business without the necessary parts, you lose professionalism points with that client, especially if it is a routine job. Installing shelves in your commercial van allows you to keep track of your inventory quickly and efficiently. Because you’ll easily know what you have and when to reorder, you’ll be able to get more work done in a day and score points that lead to repeat customers.

Imagine that the tool you need has migrated to the middle of your van. It’s heavy. Do you climb in over all your other gear, or do you reach in and lift it out? Either scenario is a recipe for personal injury. Lifting something at arm’s length could strain your back, especially if you have to do it several times a day. Climbing out of the van with the heavy tool could cause you to trip over the other unsecured gear and fall out of the van, breaking bones or straining muscles. Commercial shelving will eliminate these types of risk.