8 Budget Friendly Décor Secrets Exposed


When your place needs a boost but your budget needs a break, consider one of these eight ideas for changing up your home without wiping out your bank account!

1) Cleaning: Yes, your home gets cleaned. However, clutter and junk and piles of mail and stacks of books and lots of other stuff can conspire to make your home feel small and a bit trashy. Hiring a cleaning service may be just the nudge you need to get you into the process.

2) De-cluttering. Work one room ahead of the cleaners. While they scrub, you sort. While they polish, you pitch. For a small, one-time investment, you can enjoy a refreshed, open, bright home, free of all the junk that you’ve been needing to address. Once you take the time to toss all the stuff that’s weighing you down, you get to enjoy the home you chose in the first place!

3) Paint for Consistency: The bad thing about painting is that you have to move everything, but that can be a great thing, too. For the cost of a couple of gallons of paint, you can completely remake your space. Pull everything off the walls, patch the holes, and start with a blank slate. Is your home small? Consider a creamy pastel shade of your favorite color and be sure to paint the ceiling the same color.

4) Paint for Contrast: Do you have painted molding? Consider a contrasting color to set a bold, modern tone. If you don’t have anything but baseboard, consider adding a chair rail to one wall. Then paint the top section of the wall in your favorite shade to match one of your pieces of art. Chair rail is easy to install, and can really add a touch of elegance to your space.

5) Lighting Improvements: Track lighting is easy to put up and a great way to brighten up a space that needs to work, such as a kitchen. Consider a pendant light with a unique shade, such as hammered tin or frosted glass. The wide variety of shades available for pendant lights makes it possible to combine function and beauty in unique ways.

6) Lighting Enhancements: If you have a hanging light that feels a bit blah, consider adding a medallion above it. Medallions are paintable and can be a great chance to really highlight your existing light fixture.

7) Flooring Purchase: If your carpet is tired, the first step may be to hire a steam cleaner. While residential carpet cleaners may work fine in spaces that aren’t high traffic, a professional steam cleaning can really make you feel better about your space. If you’re just tired of your carpet, consider a rug purchase to add a pop of color and geometric interest. A rug over a section of hardwood flooring can create islands of space and break up long stretches of room.

8: Flooring DIY: Consider a floor cloth. Canvas floor cloths are easy to make, and once they’re sealed, very easy to clean. They work well over any hard surface or carpet and can be customized to your color preference. Prime, paint, and seal.

Your home is your castle, whether you have budget of royalty or serf. Dig into your space and fall back in love with your home!