6 Ways to Update Your Look With the Same Clothes


Buying a new wardrobe every season is certainly a dream. But for many fashionistas, a complete overhaul is not usually feasible. Creatively updating clothes already in your closet is a breeze with these suggestions.

1. Style differently
Styling clothes is a matter of tweaking the little things. Even something as simple as rolling up the sleeves of a button down shirt can give your tried and true top a different look. Cuffing jeans by folding them over once or twice and then pairing them with a pair of sassy shoes appears totally different than wearing them with boots. One trendy styling detail is the partial tuck. Tucking one side of a button down or a sweater into bottoms and leaving the rest to hang gives your outfit a casual vibe. Styling the exact same clothing a new way can breath life into even your longest running outfit.

2. Accessorize
Learning how to accessorize can go a long way in making your outfit look fresh and new. A black dress can look sexy or demure, professional or casual depending on your accessories. Something as simple as changing out your brown go-to tote for a red handbag adds pizzazz to your look. Other great accessories include wide or skinny belts, fedoras or other hats, jewelry, scarves, and shoes.

3. Mix it up
Try pairing separates differently. Mixing and matching prints is in right now. Pairing like or complementary colors together with very different patterns – think floral prints, polka dots, stripes, plaid, and geometric prints – lends a modern look to your outfit. Wearing complementary colors, or colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel, keeps the look cohesive. Another similar idea is to mix and match textures.

4. Wear summer items in the winter
While wearing winter fashions will not work in the summer, finding ways to incorporate summer pieces in your winter wardrobe can brighten up your look. For instance, you could wear a floral skirt with black leggings and a boot in the winter. Or layering a flowy tank underneath a structured jacket is a winner of a professional look. Finding ways to pair summer pieces with your cooler month clothing is a way to keep your look new and fun.

5. Makeup
Keeping up with the latest makeup trends can add relevance to last year’s outfit. A lipstick shade can bring out different colors in a print top. Nails that are manicured in an exotic hue are instantly eye-catching and can make your look change from sweet to sassy. On the other side, minimizing your makeup will let the clothing shine.

6. Transform it
Anyone – even the craft challenged – can transform clothing. Trying your hand at dying will often result in a fantastic new-looking article of clothing. A basic cut and hem┬ácan turn a boho dress into a top. Scissors are all you need to make cutoffs out of jeans. Transforming clothing can be as complicated as completely reconstructing a piece or as simple as wearing a dress backwards.