5 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Military Medals Online


Collecting military medals is hobby that many people enjoy. It can be highly rewarding learning about the different people who earned the medals and the heroic actions they took to be granted such honors. These days, many collectors of military medals purchase online, which can be very convenient. It is, however, important to know how to buy safely and how to choose medals that are authentic. We have five common mistakes to avoid when purchasing these medals online.

Not Knowing Medal Types

You should always have a good idea of the kind of medal you would like to purchase. This means taking the time to learn about the different military medals that are available and how much they have sold for in the past. Having some basic knowledge can make it much easier to decide what your budget can afford to purchase, since different medals are worth different rates.

Buying from Anybody

You cannot purchase military medals from just anybody. There are many sites and sellers online that boast of the kinds of medals they can acquire, but if they are not verified sellers, it is not worth the effort buying from them. Many sites only allow verified sellers to advertise their goods, so taking the time to turn to respectable dealers is what you have to do in order to be sure that you are getting the kind of products you want.

Not Verifying Authenticity

This is probably one of the most common mistakes that people experience when buying military medals online. No one wants to buy a fake medal, but it can happen if the buyer does not take the time to have an expert check for authenticity. It is harder to do online since you cannot physically touch or handle the medal, but with detailed information and with lots of pictures, an expert will be able to advise you correctly.

Only Wanting Rare Medals

The joy of collecting can be lost if a buyer is only interested in the rarest military medals. All of these medals are beautiful to own, and they are all a piece of the country’s history. By waiting only for the most expensive and rarest decorations, you may miss out on the pride of having different ones in your possession.

Buying at Random

If you are someone who collects medals from all over the world, it can be a good idea to focus on a certain area or country at a time. It can be overwhelming to try to purchase medals from all of the different countries. To avoid making the wrong purchases, collecting slowly and allowing yourself to learn about each country’s military medal system can be the best thing you do for your collection.

By taking the time to authenticate the military medals you are considering and by making sure that you know about military medals in general, you will have an easier time collecting them. Choose the best dealers with strong reputations and know the kind of budget you want to spend before setting out to find medals.