4 Reasons Physical Therapy Helps Patients


Physical therapy is useful for everyone that has an injury, illness or medical condition that restricts their ability to function and move around. As soon as they notice a problem, many doctors refer patients to physical therapy. Often, in the beginning, the patients have doubts about this treatment regime. However, this changes as soon as they start to see the results. Here is a list of four among many other reasons why physical therapy is helpful to patients.

 Improves Mobility
Patients that have suffered a serious injury recently or have undergone surgery may experience difficulty with movement. Although scarring is an expected part of the healing process, it can also be detrimental to a patient’s mobility. Often, within 12-18 weeks, the scar tissue that forms may impede movement permanently.

Physical therapy helps improve the patient’s motion range and flexibility before the scar heals completely. The physical therapist may use stretch exercises to limit the development of the scar tissue. Exercises that strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons adjacent to the scar may also be helpful. However, it is crucial that the physical therapy starts right away for the best outcomes to be experienced.

 Alternative to Surgery
There are cases where physical therapy may be used as an alternative to surgery, especially to relieve pain the patient may be experiencing. Such patients are able to reduce their healthcare costs by avoiding surgery.

Other times physical therapy may be beneficial to a patient even if surgery is still needed. The therapy may prepare the patient physically for the surgery or reduce the work to be done during surgery. This increases the patient’s chances of survival and recovery is also much faster.

 Manage a number of health conditions
Physical therapy is part of the overall diabetes management plan of Diabetic patients. The exercises serve to control the patients’ blood sugar. In some cases, Diabetic people may experience issues with sensation in the legs and feet. They are able to receive education on proper foot care practices that will protect them from such problems in the future.

Patients with heart and lung diseases and complications also benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapy is especially essential for patients whose daily functioning is affected after a heartache. Patients with lung problems also benefit from physical therapy as the exercises improve the patient’s health through breathing exercises that strengthen and condition their lungs. These exercises also help clear fluid in the patients’ lungs.

 Eliminates Pain
Physical therapy helps patients eliminate the pain they are experiencing. The therapists use exercises that mobilize the soft tissues and joints to restore the patient’s joint and muscle function and reduce any pain experienced. Treatments including electrical stimulation and ultrasound also serve to reduce the patient’s pain and restore previous motor function. These exercises may also protect the patient from future experiences of similar pain.

We all value our ability to move freely without experiencing pain. Physical therapy helps patients that have suffered traumatic body injuries enjoy the same freedom and ease of movement.