3 Spiritual Gifts That Your Loved Ones Will Appreciate


The act of giving is a gift itself. It allows the giver to spiritually reap the rewards of kindness and generosity while simultaneously allowing the receiver to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for all of life’s blessings. Since the act of giving has spiritual roots, why shouldn’t the gift you give have them, too? A person doesn’t have to be religious to buy spirituality-themed gifts for relatives and friends.

Here are three spiritual gifts that your loved ones will appreciate:

1. A meditation cushion. If you think only Buddhist monks sit in silence, you’re very wrong. The Huffington Post reports that meditation offers people the gift of compassion, humility, awareness, and patience among other things. It instills a sense of playfulness in a person, allows them to see beauty in everyday things, and to let go of the past quickly and healthily. Meditation trains the mind and conditions the body. Anyone who undergoes stress regularly will appreciate the thought behind such a mindful gift. When they’re counting their blessings, they’ll make sure to count you twice!

2. A worry box or prayer vessel. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, stress often leads to serious health problems including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, and depression. Sudden negative lifestyle changes as well as personal and professional pressures strain a person’s mind and cause them to experience headache, insomnia, and fits of anger. Why not give people a safe place to put their worries or prayers? A worry box or prayer vessel needn’t be expensive but it should be gifted with intention. Let the person you give the gift to know what it’s used for and encourage them to fill it often to combat life’s stresses.

3. A journal. Documenting life events is a sacred practice followed by hundreds upon thousands of people yearly. One of the most thoughtful spiritual gifts you can give a loved one is a journal that reflects their interests and personal preferences. It’s a place where they get to explore their hopes, dreams, triumphs, and failures. It gets them into the practice of coming to the page without any expectations and letting their spirit guide them through life’s most amazing and frustrating experiences. Spending time with a journal gives a person a sense of purpose and something to look forward to each day which is why it’s among the most deeply personal spiritual gifts there is.

Spiritual gifts benefit the giver and the receiver. The next time you’re shopping for a loved one, think about what they need most in their life. Then find a way to appeal to their spiritual side by giving them just what they asked for, a sacred gift given with love, appreciation, and encouragement. A meditation cushion, worry box or prayer vessel, and journal are mere suggestions that foster hope, facilitate understanding, and provide a healthy outlet for stressors related to work, school, illness, and life changes such as divorce and moving.